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Michigan Forage Council Offers Mini-Grant Program

The Michigan Forage Council (MFC) is offering mini grants to farmers to conduct demonstrations and mini research trials in the areas of forage production, storage and utilization in Michigan which does include grazing. The MFC recognizes the valuable information that can be obtained from small scale on-farm trials and will consider funding up to $250 per request, with as many as ten requests granted per year. Applicants must be members in good standing of the MFC and must submit their requests by March 7, 2018. Applications must include a description and justification for the trial, the methods to be used to evaluate the results, as well as an itemized budget for the expenses of the trial. MSU Extension Specialist and/or Extension Educators may be contacted to help develop and evaluate the trials prior to submission and final reporting. Maximum application length is limited to two pages that includes all budget information.

Successful recipients must submit a final brief report of trial results by December 31, 2018 to the MFC Secretary.

Proposals are to be sent on the Application Form to MFC Secretary, Jerry Lindquist, by March 7, 2018 at the address below or by email,

Jerry Lindquist
301 West Upton Street
Reed City, MI. 49677

Michigan Forage Council Memberships

Benefits of membership in MFC include:
  • - Subscription to Michigan Hay and Grazier quarterly newsletter containing the latest forage research, market information, and product tips for Michigan
  • - Reduced registration fees for some MFC-sponsored events like farm tours, pasture walks, and Extension conferences
  • - Power to have your voice heard in setting local and national forage research and extension priorities and legislation
  • - Affiliate membership in MFC’s parent organization, the American Forage and Grassland Council, which includes:
    • Subscription to AFGC’s quarterly digital newsletter, The Forage Leader
    • Subscription to monthly AFGC E-Mail Blast news
    • Subscription to the industry magazine Progressive Forage Grower
    • Access to members-only section of the AFGC website, where you can find Conference Proceedings and recordings
    • Reduced registration fees for AFGC events

Cost for Subscriptions
 1 year
3 years
Business or trade association$50  


Information needed
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To Join or Renew, mail information and a check to:
Michigan Forage Council
Attn: Kim Cassida, Treasurer
1066 Bogue St., Rm A486
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI  48824-1325
517-355-0271 ext. 1194

For more information about Michigan Forage Council:
Contact Secretary Jerry Lindquist (toll-free 888-678-3464 ext. 67236) or Treasurer Kim Cassida (517-355-0271 ext. 1194)